Introducing EdLights Analyst

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Hello from ISTE 2014! The entire EdLights team has been busy working toward the launch of our analytics sales and marketing platform: EdLights Analyst. While we’ll be officially launching Analyst later this year, we’re excited to be in Atlanta giving K-12 vendors their first look.

EdLights Analyst is the first data-centric platform that blends K-12 market intelligence, industry data, and your company’s own sales data to provide you better insights into your current and potential customers. This unique combination empowers executive decision makers to define, refine, and execute their most ambitious sales strategies.

By better understanding your current market, you can identify and target your most qualified prospects (new and old) for your product and company.

Turn your K-12 Data into Sales Insights

I recently spoke with a customer who’d already had success targeting suburban schools and wanted to expand sales into larger, well-funded urban areas. But their initial plan lacked a clear vision—they talked about all districts in all urban areas.

Campaigns are far more effective when you focus your time and money on a qualified set of targets rather than pursue a broad list of prospects and hope for the best. EdLights’ education data and advanced search filters allow you to assess a range of factors that are essential when qualifying your targets. For example, do you know:

  • Which districts have the most overall funding?
  • Which districts have the most funding in grants that can be used for online math curricula?
  • Which districts have schools with the appropriate bandwidth and technology to support your product?
  • Which schools are not performing well in math and can benefit most from your innovative online software?

With Analyst, you can answer those questions and many more.


Personalize Your Strategy with Analyst’s Success Factors

Many customers begin to qualify their leads by looking at specific funding streams (e.g., Title I schools), demographics (e.g., large numbers of special-ed students), or other single-datum metrics. But what does your own historical data tell you?

EdLights Analyst allows you to import and analyze your sales data to better understand your own customers and determine what your best customers have in common: the custom success factors for your sales efforts.


Success factors form a portrait of your best customers based on their complex identities.  For example, one of our customers—a hardware provider—wanted to target all schools with E-Rate funds. But when we analyzed their data we discovered they were most successful when selling to suburban, mid-sized districts (populations between 100k and 500k) with large funding streams from IDEA and Title I.

After identifying your product’s unique success factors, you can then use Analyst to create a data-driven targets list with other similar schools and districts.

Reach Out to Leads on Your Own Terms

After using EdLights Analyst to find your product’s best leads, you’ll then have the opportunity to directly contact the right people at each one. With the contact info (including email) already available in our database for over 2.6 million K-12 decision makers, you can pinpoint specific roles (e.g., math curriculum directors, instructional technology staff, or principals) at the schools and districts on your targeted campaign lists.


When you select a role at one of your lead schools or districts, you’ll receive the full contact information for the appropriate person. We’ve taken the stress out of creating your mailing and email lists so you can focus your time where it belongs: building relationships with your highest potential leads.


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