Will New Charter Priorities = New Sales?

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The US Department of Education (DoE) has announced five proposed priorities for the upcoming 2014 round of competitive grants to charter schools. Though previous competitions did not include any priorities, the DoE hopes that adding them will enable charter schools with the most pressing needs to receive federal assistance.


Charter schools represent a small but important (and growing) target for K-12 sellers. According to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, there are over 5,000 schools serving 2.3 million students nationwide.

The change in protocol falls in line with other recent federal grant competitions, including Race to the Top and Promise Neighborhoods, that include preferential focus areas. The proposed priorities mirror some of those seen in other DoE grant programs:

  • Improving efficiency through economies of scale
  • Improving accountability
  • Students with disabilities
  • English language learners
  • Personalized technology-enabled learning

Does your company’s offering address any of these priorities? If so, start reaching out to charter schools as soon as possible to see whose plans you best align with.  The new grant application is expected to be released in early 2014, and schools will be seeking products and services that will enhance their applications.

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