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EdLights provides a complete K-12 market intelligence solution that leverages over 5 million data points to provide educational publishers and companies with a clear and relevant picture of the K-12 market. Fueled by K12 Data, EdLights offers the first data-centric platform for strategic sales planning, mobile rep prospecting tools, sales playbooks and market intelligence reports, consulting, and quality leads and email lists.

We provide access to important information on funding, budget, spending deadlines, accessibility of key contacts, and other district attributes. When used with your sales data, this results in the potential to generate more business, faster.

What's Included:

  • - Access to complete K-12 data
  • - 50 million K-12 data points assembled into one place and accessed by one login
  • - 60 data sources on K-12 funding, performance, demographics and more
  • - Rich dashboard visualizations & unparalleled data views
  • - Customizable, detailed reports to save & download
  • - 50,000 xls exportable records of institution data included

Your Product. Our Data. Unparalleled Market Access.


Make Connections

Access detailed information on over 18k districts and 100k schools.


Get Custom Market Views

Visualizations help you to determine your optimal ways to sell.


Pinpoint Opportunities

Target your best opportunities with personalized results.



Plan More Effectively

Create your unique profile of market-readiness.


Essential Intelligence

Identify the most qualified prospects for your products.


Gain Access with K12 Data

Complete contact info to engage your top prospects.



Dashboards for Better Views

Create a custom view of current customers and active opportunities.


Targeted Campaigns
with EdLights

Use us to prepare your go-to-market strategies.

EdLights' Power

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