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Intro Guide to K-12 Decision Makers

Do you understand the people you're engaging in your sales efforts? Check out this new ebook from EdLights to learn about 15 key, K-12 administrative roles with the power to purchase or pass on your solution. Download the Ebook

White Papers


The New Role of Data in K-12 Sales

More K-12 data is available now than ever before, but sales teams are only beginning to take advantage of the new information. Read about why data has become so important in today’s K-12 marketplace—and what it means for your team’s bottom line Download the White Paper


Leveraging Federal Education Funds to Boost K-12 Sales

Each year the US Federal Government provides billions in discretionary funds to K-12 schools and districts to purchase products and services, but the pathway to receiving that money can prove complicated for school leaders and sales teams alike. This paper introduces eleven major funding programs you should know about when engaging current and prospective customers. Download the White Paper

EdLights Alerts


Act Now: CA Common Core Implementation Funds

December 2013 - Are you prepared to take advantage of the $1.25B that California recently allocated to many of its schools and districts to help implement the Common Core State Standards? Grant recipients will finish writing their expenditure plans in early 2014. In this EdLights Alert, K-12 funding expert Jenny House discusses what you need to know and do to get included in one or more of those plans. Download the Alert


Don't Miss Out: Unused ARRA Funds

December 2013 - The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) allocated $100B to education, but three years later, a significant portion of those funds have not yet been spent by schools and districts. In this EdLights Alert, K-12 funding expert Jenny House describes how you can find and engage K-12 decision makers who still have unspent ARRA money at their disposal. Download the Alert

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K-12 Marketplace Glossary

We're building a comprehensive glossary of K-12 marketplace terms so you'll always have one centralized location to get the definitions you need. Look up Your K-12 Terms Now